Yet Another Comment Thread On The Williams College Matter
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Readers who still haven't had enough of my hateful hatefulness might find relief in my scattered, hate-filled contributions to the comment thread on Sam Crane's post at the Williams Alternative blog. [A Williams College Education Doesn’t Require Random Acts of Racist Speech – Sam Crane, W. Van Alan Clark ’41 Third Century Professor in the Social Sciences, February 21, 2016]

Prof. Crane's own personal blog is here, but the comment threads are Derb-free.  His faculty listing is here.

He's with college President Falk on the issue of banning me from campus.  The text of his post contains the words "racist" or "racism"—empty CultMarx expletives that intelligent people should not, at this point, be using in earnest at all—no less than sixteen times, for a mean frequency of once per 144 words.

However, to judge from his response to my first comment, Prof. Crane is otherwise a good egg.  His personal blog looks pretty interesting, too.

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