Yes We Can...End Free Speech in America
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The Hate Crime/Free Speech Termination legislation threat is actually worse than Peter Brimelow suggested last night. Yesterday the House actually passed the thing.

House approves expanded hate crime law By THOMAS FERRARO Capitol Hill Blue April 30, 2009 - 5:16am. President Obama is cheering it on. Representative Lamar Smith understands it:

this bill undermines one of the most basic principles of our criminal justice system — 'equal justice for all…Justice will now depend on the race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other protected status of the victim…It will allow different penalties to be imposed for the same crime."

So does Steven Steinlight. While still furious at his recent repression by HIAS, he gave a fascinating interview to the Luke Ford .Net website, remarking

What’s happened here is that the entire conservative side of the cultural divide has been demonized as potential extremist terrorists…I’m thinking that one day a group of FBI agents will come to CIS and want to go through our files.

CIS: Center for Immigration Studies, which gives Steinlight shelter.

(Hat Tip The Kvetcher)

No one who knows what these laws have shamefully been used to do in Canada and Britain can take this threat lightly. The Rev. Ted Pike’s critique of the 2005 version of this horror is here.

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