Xenia Tchoumitcheva—The Face (And Body)Of Legal Immigration
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This is from John Carney's NetNet at CNBC, which normally does  financial journalism::

Looks like JPMorgan is going to have a top model intern class this summer.

Elite model Xenia Tchoumitcheva is a summer intern at JPMorgan [JPM 39.88 0.39 (+0.99%) ] in the graduate program for sales and trading.

Apparently this isn't her first finance internship. She previously interned at Merrill Lynch and the London hedge fund Duet Group, according to her web site.

She is also spokesmodel for Audi, Burger King, Visilab Sunglasses and Casino Lugano, according to her web site.

Tchoumitcheva graduated with a degree in economics.  She speaks five different languages.  She was also 1st runner up in Miss Switzerland in 2006. [More]

I was going to do some stuff about Miss Tchoumitcheva being a legal immigrant, having a degree from a Swiss university, paid for by the Swiss taxpayer, or possibly even paid for by herself—she's been modeling since she was 12.

I could have asked if she were coming on a modeling visa or a financial intern visa, or what?

However, it turns out she's not interning in America, but in London, to the intense disappointment of male interns, traders, and others at JP Morgan's New York office:

"I think keeping it low key is impossible in my position," Tchoumitcheva Tweeted on June 24th after NetNet broke the story she is a summer intern with JPMorgan's graduate sales and trading program.

JPMorgan interns in the New York office were disappointed to learn Tchoumitcheva will be spending the summer in the London office.

"We tried to look her up on our people finder but she wasn't showing up," one New York-based intern said when he found out she was working on the other side of the Atlantic..."

All I can say is that she's better looking than illegal alien poster boy Jose Antonio Vargas.

By the way, when I call technical support about our website, I keep having to spell VDARE.com. I don't envy Xenia if she has to do the same thing; her website is xeniatchoumitcheva.ch.

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