WSJ: "How Donald Trump’s Winning Coalition Came Together"—The Sailer Strategy!
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From the Wall Street Journal:

He drew more white voters and Obama coalition enthusiasm waned


Nov. 9, 2016 8:11 p.m. ET

Donald Trump did what many leaders of his own party said couldn’t be done: He won a national election by drawing a larger share of votes from the nation’s shrinking pool of white voters.

I said it could be done.
Mitt Romney in 2012 won white voters by 20 percentage points—and lost the presidential election by 5 points. That persuaded many Republicans they no longer could count on drawing higher margins among white voters, making it imperative to reach minority voters to broaden the party’s base.

But Mr. Trump showed that a Republican could win by energizing big parts of the nation’s white majority. Though the white share of the voter pool declined, as expected, Mr. Trump won those voters by a 21-percentage-point margin, exit polls showed.

That gave him a winning hand, partly because Hillary Clinton couldn’t match President Barack Obama’s vote totals in Philadelphia, Detroit and other metropolitan areas that Democrats typically rely on. The result: Mr. Trump won the formerly Democratic Upper Midwest—Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin—and he leads in Michigan, where the race remains too close to call.

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