Would A Young Larry David Get Hired Today To Work On A Sit-Com?
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As I’ve often pointed out, up through the first Obama term, Hollywood and Silicon Valley were largely exempt from affirmative action pressures. But much has changed during the Great Awokening:

Just from 2017 to 2021, the percentage of new members of the Writers Guild of America West dropped from 45% to 25%. The decline in straight white men was likely even more precipitous. From their Inclusion & Equity Report 2022:

Back in the 1970s, many Jews were worried about affirmative action quotas hurting Jewish job prospects. But those worries declined over time as Jews increasingly climbed the ladder from the kind of jobs most plagued by diversity demands—e.g., fireman—to ones that seemed immune: e.g., screenwriter.

But the Great Awokening of roughly 2013 onward ended that era when Jews didn’t have to worry much about diversity hurting them. But they’ve been slow to wake up to what’s going on. Do older Jews even recognize how much the job market for younger Jews has worsened over the last decade?

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