World's Most Fragile White Lawyer Turns Lowly Turnpike Worker Over To PC Police
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How bad is it out there?

Carl Shuman, a 60-year-old lawyer, had just pulled into a toll station of the Pennsylvania turnpike.  Shuman has been described as a white male.

An exasperated toll worker—not addressing Shuman but grumbling to no one in particular—commented about the last carload that

"Them black people. You give them directions and they don't understand a thing. They can't even speak English."

(This is Shuman's version of what was said.)

Shuman, by his own description, was so shocked by the comment that he began to tremble.  He demanded a supervisor.

His complaint about the complaint rocketed to the highest levels.  The turnpike director.  The press.

In a maidenly gasp to the press, Shuman called it a "Trumpian" experience, and blamed it on that bad ol' Donald Trump.  Just so we know where Mr. Crybaby is coming from, politically [ Turnpike Commission CEO apologizes for toll collector's racist   as investigation continues,by Steve Marroni,, July 28, 2016].

If there were a clearer illustration of the widening gap between globalists and nationalists in the past few days, I missed it. We've gone full Big Brother.  One citizen has just turned in another for making a comment he objected to politically.

Please note the following.

  • The comments weren't directed at Shuman.
  • In fact, they weren't even directed to the black people in the car ahead.  The worker waited until they were gone.
  • Shuman was not a witness to anything that transpired before.  He had no idea was prompted the comments.
  • In true Goodwhite fashion, Shuman wanted to be offended.  He wanted to heroically absorb the injustice for the black people—like a momentary Rachel Dolezal.
  • Shuman,  reportedly an in-house labor lawyer for Highmark, is likely pretty rich.
  • The toll worker is likely NOT rich.
  • But Shuman will remain employed—lauded, even, by his company.
  • The toll worker may get fired.
  • Shuman is highly politically motivated.

Like many of the elites, he's an older white lawyer with an instinctive dislike of Trump—and hopes to score political points by crushing out a poor, insignificant toll worker and then crowing to the world what a liberal angel he is, ready to receive his tolerance medal from the governor.  He held a sit-in at the toll booth!  (Carl imagines himself chanting, "Black Feelings Matter!  Black Feelings Matter!")

Yes, Carl, working-class whites who deal with the public in high volume—like, you know, police—sometimes make exasperated comments that are less than Politically Correct.  Blowing off steam about that makes the job tolerable.  They suffer frustrations that go unheard in our society.

Note to Carl:  Yep, you get your 15 minutes.  The powers that be love you.  But that Trumpian experience isn't going anywhere. [Email Carl Shuman].

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