World Nonwar A: No One Cares About Oppressed Albinos
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The minority group most oppressed in the world today for the color of their skin, eyes, and hair is likely albinos. From National Geographic:

Since 2000, a string of murders has left 72 Tanzanian albinos dead. The killings are believed to have been motivated by a lucrative trade in albino body parts, which some Africans believe possess magical powers. 

Last month, a United Nations report on albino persecution put Tanzania at the top of a list of African nations—mostly in East Africa—where albinos are targeted for murder. ...

"When I was growing up there was a stigma," says Ziada Ally Nsembo, an albino who helps lead a group called the Tanzania Albino Society. "But people weren't getting their bones cut—that only starting happening a few years ago."

Yet, the plight of albinos doesn't elicit much media attention, at least not compared to more pressing issues such as World War T.

Moreover, albinos are barely recognized as a victimized minority group.

Why not?

In the 21st Century, one of the more important processes to study is who gets to be a recognized victim group, One way to examine it is to pay attention to who makes the cut and who gets ignored.

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