World Nonwar A: No One Cares About Oppressed Albinos
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October 21, 2013, 04:26 AM
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The minority group most oppressed in the world today for the color of their skin, eyes, and hair is likely albinos. From National Geographic:

Since 2000, a string of murders has left 72 Tanzanian albinos dead. The killings are believed to have been motivated by a lucrative trade in albino body parts, which some Africans believe possess magical powers. 

Last month, a United Nations report on albino persecution put Tanzania at the top of a list of African nations—mostly in East Africa—where albinos are targeted for murder. ...

"When I was growing up there was a stigma," says Ziada Ally Nsembo, an albino who helps lead a group called the Tanzania Albino Society. "But people weren`t getting their bones cut—that only starting happening a few years ago."

Yet, the plight of albinos doesn`t elicit much media attention, at least not compared to more pressing issues such as World War T.

Moreover, albinos are barely recognized as a victimized minority group.

Why not?

In the 21st Century, one of the more important processes to study is who gets to be a recognized victim group, One way to examine it is to pay attention to who makes the cut and who gets ignored.