World Map of Net Immigration
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Map of Net Immigration

This map of the world shows rather strikingly how the US, Australia and Canada differ from other large countries in their immigration policy(although Canada and Australia have rather different selection criteria than the US—and still have less population relative to their resource base than the US).

The Rankings:

United Arab Emirates 59 Qatar 57 Singapore 25 Israel 24 Luxembourg 24 Kuwait 24 Hong Kong 22 Bahrain 21 Jordan 21 Australia 20 Brunei Darussam 19 Saudi Arabia 17 Canada 16 Cote d'Ivorie 13 Switzerland 13 United States 11 Libyan Arab Jamahirya 10 Bahamas 10 Gabon 9 Gambia 9

Now, most of the countries on this list are authoritian states with rather little pretense of real democracy. Frankly, after looking at this list, I think Michael Moore was correct in Fahrenheit 911—George Bush has a horrible case of 'Keeping up with the Jones' when it comes to hereditary governments like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

It is really too bad that Moore is so uptight and unimaginative when it comes to looking at immigration policy. Anyhow, if Kennedy/McCain/Bush passes, I'm sure the US will move up this list-and Bush will get his wish of making the US more like his examples in the Middle East.

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