Women Leaving Million Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk Rather Than Take Tech Jobs With White Males
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From the New York Times:
How Tech Companies Lose Women During the Hiring Process


I am the co-founder of a company that helps clients find ways to diversify their work force. We recently set up an interview at a major company for a senior African-American woman software engineer. After meeting with the hiring panel, she withdrew her application, telling us she felt demeaned by the all-white male group that failed to ask her any questions about her coding skills. She described how one of the men had made it clear to her that she wasn’t a cultural fit and that therefore they didn’t need to proceed with technical questions.

I hear stories like this regularly, as I work with companies in Silicon Valley and beyond who want to bring more women onto their tech teams. Higher-ups declare their intention to hire more women. But the actual hiring is still all too rare.

There’s a continuing debate about the reasons for the lack of diversity in the tech sector, including candidate pools that are mostly male, and stubborn, superficial notions of what it means to be a “cultural fit” for an organization — the template for which is often based on young white men.

Young white men … when is somebody going to finally do something about them?
… Katharine Zaleski is the president and a co-founder of PowerToFly.com.
Does anybody actually believe the conventional wisdom about how Silicon Valley firms are leaving money on the table by not hiring as many women engineers as men engineers enough to put their money where their mouths are?

Simple logic suggests that if the rest of America is badly underestimating the value of women engineers, then you could make a fortune by hiring women.

Yet, in the real world, the companies that get ultra-rich, like Google and Apple, while they may parrot feminist talking points, behave as if they believe everything James Damore pointed out.

All you’d have to do to prove James Damore wrong is to get rich by behaving the opposite of what he advises.

Doesn’t anybody want to get rich?

I guess not …

For example, Katharine Zaleski knows all these awesome African-American women software engineers. And yet, she keeps leaving million dollar bills lying on the sidewalk by trying to talk other firms into hiring them rather than hiring them herself.

Now, if we didn’t know that Katharine Zaleski was on the side of Good, we might assume she’s a Trump-like blowhard self-promoter using a current event to promote her for-profit business. But, obviously, she’s not, because she a Woman and, as she tells us, she’s on the Side of Women. So she must be trying to unload all these genius women on other firms because she’s an idealist who wants to help people.

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