WND Quotes Brimelow On Paul's Outreach At Howard U: "A Complete Waste Of Time."
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I was quoted in WND's distinctly skeptical account of Senator Rand Paul's recent much-touted black outreach speech at Howard University:

In an interview with WND, Peter Brimelow, financial journalist, author and founder of the immigration restrictionist website VDARE, took a swipe at the Republican’s attempt to reach out to blacks, calling it “a complete waste of time.”

“They need to talk about the white working class,” Brimelow said.

Brimelow analyzed the last several election results, saying, if you’re a Republican, “you need a high white share to win, and low white share you lose.”

He says that it will be impossible for Republicans to win the non-white vote for several reasons.

He said Democrats are entrenched in the black community because of the time spent engaging blacks in social welfare and affirmative action programs.

“Republicans will cut the programs so many blacks [and other minorities] are dependent on,” so are viewed as a threat, he said.

Further, Brimelow said non-white voters consider the GOP a purely Caucasian party, noting Obama won the black vote in 2008 and 2012 with 95 and 93 percent totals.

Brimelow advises that future Republican candidates should “make an honest appeal to a white base and they will see people turn out for them.”

Rand Paul to blacks: Big government not your friend| Tells students at Howard GOP plan equalizes prosperity through free market, by Taylor Rose, April 10, 2013

I guess that last point is a bit compressed. Basically, I think a Generic American Party that frankly appealed to whites would actually also have the best hope of attracting some (not a majority) of non-whites, because white values—which for all of U.S. history until the 1965 Immigration Act would have been called American values—are attractive.

Couldn't do worse than the GOP's repeated Rove-style routs.

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