Wisconsin Columnist Reacts To News Of Greater U.S. Population Growth: `No Problemo!`
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If you read Bill Wineke's recent column calling for America's Dairyland to protect its lakes, you probably concluded that he is genuinely concerned about the environment, [We have to clean up our lakes, Wisconsin State Journal, July 27, 2008].

You would be wrong.

If you don't believe me, check out his column in the wake of the Census Bureau's grim projection that our population will grow by another 135 million people during the next 42 years—mainly because of immigration, [Don't Fear Minority Growth: We Need Everyone, August 23, 2008] See any environmental concerns expressed in this column? Why, Wineke didn't bat an eye over the prospect of cramming the equivalent of the combined populations of Mexico and Canada into a United States already struggling to accommodate nearly 305 million people. In fact, he didn’t even acknowledge the 135 million figure.

Instead, like most of his MSM brethren who reported the Census story, Wineke (e-mail) stepped onto the podium, struck up the Kumbaya Band, and asked us to "embrace" the millions more who eagerly will accommodate us by learning English. We "need" these millions more, he said. "Don’t be afraid,” he said. ”Be proud," he said.

But proud of what? Proud that 439 million people in 2050, regardless of their race or ethnicity, would further reduce the quality of life for all and accelerate environmental degradation? Proud of the increased demand for food and natural resources like water and, oh, yes, oil? Just what part of this planet does Wineke live on where there is no evidence of a link between unrestrained population growth and urban sprawl,  traffic congestion,  overcrowded classrooms, soaring healthcare costs and crime rates? And isn't this country already being kicked around by the rest of the world for being the biggest producer of greenhouse gases?

Memo to Wineke: Won't another 135 million people only generate more of that nasty stuff, or do you and your fellow MSM colleagues believe that in less than a half century, all Americans will be driving nothing but electric cars, living in homes built entirely of solar panels and taking showers sans agua?

Oh, before I forget: Congratulations on being the most recent recipient of the "Gaylord Nelson Was Right Award" given to those who the founder of Earth Day said are phony for saying they are for the environment but against restricting immigration.

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