Will VDARE.com survive the Hate Crimes Bill?
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On Wednesday I noted The Kvetcher's brave statement against the S.909 Hate Crime Bill stride towards Thought Control: The Blood of Some is Sweeter Than the Blood of Others JEWCY.com July 14 2009. This denounced the ADL:

When it comes to policy, the ADL is not content to fight mistreatment of Jews...the ADL fights for selective treatment of Jews. That's not the behavior of a "defense" group. That's the behavior of a supremacist group. The ADL obsesses over haters because it takes one to know one.

 and now I must note his courageous defense of VDARE.com in the subsequent comment thread.

Comment #4 'KokapelyE'

Good grief, Kelsey, you actually linked to VDARE.com to support your argument? I'm no fan of Abe Foxman, but VDARE.com!? Do you know what these people are about? It may have started out as a legitimate conservative website, albeit a conservative website with an anti-immigrant viewpoint, but now VDARE.com is a lair for all sorts of racists, racialists, and white nationalists. If there are any legitimate conservatives left at the site, they're the kind of conservative that doesn't mind fanning the flames of racism to achieve a political goal.

Besides, Snorri ?žorfinnsson was the first Europerson born in the New World, not Virginia Dare.

Our friend replied (Comment #5):

I have seen nothing on VDARE that advocates a double standard towards American citizens in terms of law. Can't say that for the ADL site. That doesn't mean I like everything I read there — it's a large group site, for crying out loud. But maybe I just don't offend as easily as Jews are supposed to.

But I have a simple suggestion for all those offended by VDARE.

Take away their gripes. When, or rather, if, mainstream conservatives and the moderate Left adopt fair-minded policies on Hate Crimes, reverse discrimination, and abandon the demand for continued mass immigration—both the legal and illegal kind—desired by rogue employers and racial Marxists, I think we can rest assured that VDARE will no longer be a site that so many turn to. For now, it's a major resource for people of all races and religions (admittedly, less Muslims) focused on these issues. And unfortunately, advocating for fairness on these issues in a consistent way is considered quite right-wing, even radical.


 As for Virginia Dare, no one is claiming she was the first European child born in the New World. They are claiming she was the first British child born in the New World. I can't condemn that kind of pride. I am quite proud that Shearith Israel was the first Jewish congregation in New Amsterdam, and have an annoying habit of reminding anyone who think the Jewish community is a 19th century or even post-war phenomenon that in fact, we have been here since 1654.


Who am I to deny to WASPs that which I revel in for my own people?

To me this appears a remarkably judicious comment. Kokapelye was unswayed (Comment #7) :

Let me start again by expressing my disenchantment with the ADL, or rather Abe Foxman and his cronies...he's dragging the ADL down.


However, to claim that the VDARE Foundation isn't a hate group and doesn't harbor racists is disingenuous. Were you wearing blinkers or was it the glare from that horrible yellow jacket? The Southern Poverty Law Center lists VDARE as a hate group. I suppose one could dispute the SPLC's findings, but their track record in this respect has been excellent. Perhaps if you had read more of VDARE.com beyond mining the internet for an offbeat quote to support your position, you would have noticed the racism and hate.

(The latter point is just ignorance. The Kvetcher is clearly a close reader of VDARE.com.) The Kvetcher was unimpressed too (Comment #8)

The SPLC is just as unreliable as the ADL. In fact, they may even be worse. The only reason I pick on the ADL more is that they are a Jewish organization. The SPLC tried to hang Stephen Steinlight for a connection between the organization he works for (cis.org)... I wrote about this here (http://www.jewcy.com/post/post_not_publication...). So from my perspective, the SPLC is not fit to be judge and jury. This common theme — the SPLC or the ADL said so — isn't good enough for me. It is their job to call people racists, extremists, etc.

(Personally, I am not sure that the Southern Poverty Law Center is not now, as a practical matter, a partisan Jewish pressure group. But it is certainly money-grubbing  - which is why we call it the $PLC).

(Those wanting enlightenment on the driving force in 21st Century American politics are advised to read the factually erroneous WASP-hating ravings in Kokapelye’s last paragraph in his comment #7,)

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