Will Trump's Triple Bankshot on Immigration Wake Americans To Dem Extremism?
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Commenter Noah172 writes:

I would be angrier about this proposal, which is lousy on the merits, if it had a chance of becoming law. If it wakes up some normies to the extremism of the Democrats, it might be worth the heartburn on the right. I am disappointed in people like Mark Krikorian and Mickey Kaus and Ann Coulter who only see the proposal as terrible (which it is, when considered in isolation) but who don’t see the value in exposing the insanity of the left.

This incident reminds me of the 2000 Camp David summit between President Clinton, Ehud Barak, and Yasser Arafat. Barak made the most generous offer ever from an Israeli: a Palestinian state with all [or much of] the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem (the last a painful concession for Jews, and would have gotten Barak assassinated like Rabin had it come to fruition). Arafat said no FTMP because of what was omitted: a right of return for the Palestinian diaspora — his version of electing a new people. Arafat’s refusal, and the intifada that started soon after, convinced many Israelis that the Palestinians can never be reasoned with (the Israeli left has never really recovered from 2000-01).

Then there was the obscure Taba talks of early 2001.

If Trump’s DACA negotiating convinces millions of white normies that the Democrats are not and will never be reasonable on immigration (redpills them, basically), Trump will deserve credit for a bold, risky move with generational payoff.

Trump should take the Democrats hysterical rejection as license to say, “To hell with it. They’re all going back.”

That’s the good spin. I hope it’s the right spin.

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