Will There Be Amnesty in the New Year?
December 31, 2017, 05:26 PM
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The new year in Congress will probably include immigration legislation in January, with the DACA pests propelling the amnesty issue forward. The president has stated that he wants a wall and an end to the Diversity Visa and chain migration in return for DACAs getting amnesty.

Keep in mind that chain migration has been spiraling upward and added significantly to numbers leading to 2016’s record total of 1.8 million new foreigners. That total is a sobering 53 percent higher than just five years ago. Chain migration allows today’s immigrants to choose America’s future immigrants, and the math is brutal:

It’s also troubling that the media and others use the terms DACA and Dreamers interchangeably when there is a big difference in the groups: DACAs are comprised of around 800,000 specific people who signed up for Obama’s unconstitutional program; while Dreamers are any youngish illegal aliens and would number in the millions.

Here’s Mark Krikorian being interviewed by Fox News on December 31:

Spare audio of the interview:

document.createElement('audio'); http://www.limitstogrowth.org/ltg-uploads/2017/12/Trump-Vows-No-Deal-For-Dreamer-Without-Wall-Fox-friends.mp3

MARK KRIKORIAN (0:50): In the Senate there’s still the filibuster; there’s a kind of parliamentary rules where you can move financial measures through with only 51 votes. This would require 60 votes in the Senate, and so they’re gonna need some Democrat buy-in, but the reason for this package is not just horse trading, it’s not the White House saying ‘Okay, Democrats, you want the amnesty, we want this, let’s make a deal.’ Laws are made like that all the time, nothing wrong with it, but that’s not what’s happening here.

You need to have enforcement elements like the wall and other things and get rid of the chain migration in order to limit the damage caused by an amnesty because if you amnesty people, first thing that happens is more illegal immigrants want to come because they say ‘Hey, look you know these people made it, we want to as well.’ The other thing is a few years down the road the former illegal immigrants then can sponsor their family members, and that’s what chain migration is.

So you need to fix those two things as part of the deal as damage control because if you just amnesty these people with DACA, you’re gonna end up with more illegal immigration and more chain migration now unless you do something about it.

Asked how he thought the congressional debate would play out, Krikorian responded:
KRIKORIAN: We’re gonna see. The question is are they gonna stick to their guns or are they gonna cave when Senator Schumer in the Senate says ‘No, no deal.’ The real question is, well two questions — will the president stick to his guns? I think he will. But are the Democrats willing to let these DACA work permits expire and these people become illegal immigrants again rather than give in to some of these pretty reasonable demands?

I think the Democrats may be willing to just play politics with this issue and let all of those people lose their work permits and lose their jobs when the Republicans in the White House are saying ‘Look we’re actually okay with amnesty in this special group of people in exchange for things to limit the damage.’ So it’s gonna be the Democrats maybe who will sink this potential amnesty for these DACA work permit people.