Will The "AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE" Comments Thread Survive?
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[UPDATE, 2021: It turns out that it was Ron Unz who was forced out of the American Conservative. This comment thread survives at Unz.com]

I see that Ron Unz has had the chivalry to respond to Ed Rubenstein's critique of his Hispanic-booster piece in (alas) The American Conservative. The usual response to argument by the Beltway "Right"( is - resounding silence. Ed, perhaps others, will enjoy getting into statistics-slinging with Unz. But I write tonight to salute those who took time (clearly often a great deal of time) to respond him, clearly from the Front Line, on the Amcon comment thread (how long will this survive?) Dan, on February 26th, 2010 at 3:33 pm Dan, on February 26th, 2010 at 3:33 pm said:

As someone who lives in a city with substantial Mexican and Negro ghettos, and has had to catalogue not only the numbers of violent crimes but also the particular details of each crime, I can say that while there is a tragic rise in crime in certain areas of the Mexican neighborhoods, it pales in comparison with what is going on in the Black neighborhoods. It is painful to have to say this but the sheer savagery of Black crime, the details of which would disturb anyone, with its near-total lack of remorse for the victim, its viciousness, its seeming (dare I write this?) "glee"( with the violence of the crime itself makes the relatively stupid-type crimes committed by Mexicans seem almost innocent.

Brenda said

My husband is very active in a sport that also attracts police. He was in the locker room during the "police/firefighter"( competition. He overheard a SJ police officer saying that the low crime rate in San Jose is totally false, and a joke. All I can say is when I tried to report a crime, the person on the telephone discouraged me and said, why would you need to report this? Stats do not always tell the truth.

Nobody, on February 26th, 2010 at 5:56 pm said:

The FBI also didn't get Unz's memo that Hispanics cause the same about of crime as Whites: http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/fugitives/vc/murders/vc_murders.htm …Comparing crime rates of Portland, OR and LA is laughable for anyone who has either lived or visited both places. And, I'd point out, that much of the violent crime happening in Portland today often involves hispanic gangs.

I thought Leon Haller's comment especially realistic:

Thanks to 45 years of unnecessary, undesirable, and untrammeled Third World immigration, destroying America's historic and very salutary white racial base, we are now a diverse (and thus increasingly dysfunctional) hellhole. Our future is bleak. Multiracial societies are not a blessing, but a curse, needing constant management to avoid or ameliorate natural tensions, not to mention, for whites, endless interracial wealth transfers and remediation for the benefit of economically underachieving non-whites

All of us wait with interest this kind of comment freedom will survive at the The American Conservative under the new Unz management.


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