Will ProtectYourTexasBorder.com Survive?
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I see at the end of Brenda Walker’s blog yesterday there was a reference to the new website ProtectYourTexasBorder.com.

This has been set up by the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Todd Staples, to document the problems being experienced by Texan farmers because of the collapse of policing on the Border. The site declares:

Every day and night, violent Mexican drug cartels are invading Texas farms and ranches, threatening the lives of our fellow citizens and jeopardizing our nation’s food supply. Each moment Texas does not receive the resources needed from the federal government, is another opportunity for the cartels to strengthen their chokehold. This is the true reality of life along the Texas border

As far as I know, this is the first site of this type established by an elected official. Previous examples have been entirely private, such as Border Invasion Pictures.com. Todd Staples deserves applause

For years, it has been far from clear that the Texan Establishment and the Texan GOP hierarchy wanted patriotic immigration reform. Powerful Agribusiness interest will doubtless resent the spotlight being directed onto their cheap labor supply. VDARE.com will watch with interest to see if the site survives - and is updated appropriately

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