Will our Affirmative Action President have an Affirmative Action Bodyguard?
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In a brilliant example of American Jurisprudential efficiency, a court in Atlanta has just spent six weeks deciding that an enterprising black criminal who seized a guard’s gun in a court room there in February 2005, shot his way out killing a Judge, a court reporter and a deputy sheriff, then hijacked a car and killed a federal agent in the ensuing chase, should be considered guilty of murder. Escapee convicted of killing judge in courtroom Reuters Fri Nov 7, 2008

His defense?

DR. MARK CUNNINGHAM…said Nichols was driven by this delusional compulsion and believed he was launching a slave revolt. He said Nichols did not know right from wrong, though he did realize he was breaking the law. Nichols viewed himself as a soldier and all the people he killed as enemy combatants.

Doctors’ testimony key Nichols evidence By Jeffry Scott, Steve Visser The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saturday, November 01, 2008

Applaud Dr. Cunningham, who practices in Texas.

Other than the contemptible insanity of the American judicial system, the interesting issue here is that this was an affirmative-action-facilitated crime. As James Fulford pointed out at the time

…the fact that police forces are required by various laws to hire women who can't handle the physical requirements of the job, is thanks in large part to the legal activities of the Southern Poverty Law Center.
This because, in this case, as Steve Sailer put it
The 6'-1" 200 pound defendant … shot up an Atlanta courtroom after overpowering the 5' grandmother assigned to guard him and stealing her gun. "“Women are capable of doing anything men are capable of doing,” the D.A. proclaimed after the killings when questions were raised about having women guard bad dudes.Real-Life Babes Not as Buttkicking as in Movies
Now, the question is, will our new President, the living embodiment —with his wife —of Affirmative Action, adhere to such wise and enlightened policies when his own Presidential guard is selected?

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