Will Ohio's Ted Strickland be intimidated?
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Apparently, U.S Rep. Ted Strickland (D- Ohio) is running for Governor of Ohio. Some accord him a fair chance of success.

This has exposed him to a major bullying effort. Strickland had the courage and sagacity to vote for HR 4437, the “Border Protection Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005”.

According to Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer Immigration bill protesters converge on Strickland’s office – Brian Albrecht - Sunday February 12 2006[Access requires free registration]:

A staccato drumbeat and shouts of "No mas!" (no more) pounded at the door of U.S. Rep. Ted Strickland's new gubernatorial campaign office on Detroit Avenue Saturday afternoon

Guests attending the office's grand opening…hurried through the chilly chants of "Migration is not a crime!"

Illegal immigration not a crime? The term “Immigration” is no doubt deemed obsolete because of the widespread Mexican attitude that all American territory belongs to Mexico. One wonders if the Plain Dealer would have been so calm if a group of native Buck Eye Staters had gathered shouting “America for Americans” and “—- illegal immigrants” (Ancient Anglo Saxon colloquialism at least as legitimate as “No Mas” in American political discourse.)

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, no doubt under the stress of an election campaign, Rep. Strickland is wavering:

After meeting with members of the coalition, Strickland said he understood and shared some of their concerns. …"I assume and hope that a lot of the onerous provisions will be removed," he said. "If not, I will not support it in its final form."

Encourage him

Ask Plain Dealer reporter Brian Albrecht why no immigration reform perspective was allowed in this piece of propaganda

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