Will Hispanic Evangelicals Abandon the GOP ?
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According to an article by William McKenzie of the Dallas Morning News , Evangelical Hispanic leaders are displeased at the recent failure of the amnesty bill and are threatening to withdraw support for the Republican party, leaving their followers to stay home or vote Democratic.

Chief among these leaders is Samuel Rodriguez, of whom I have written before, founder and leader of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (email them ).

Because of the amnesty defeat, Rodriguez wonders if

"[T]he GOP is the party of Jeff Sessions, Tom Tancredo and James Sensenbrenner or the party of George W. Bush and John McCain?" The Ethnic Activist / Pastor Rodriguez bemoans the fact that "xenophobia has triumphed over an appreciation for diversity. They completely abandoned us."

And guess what? Rodriguez says that all 50 of the state chapter leaders of the NHCLC agree with him!

Sorry if anybody doesn't want to vote for a Republican because he opposes amnesty, but I personally think that's a very good reason to vote for a candidate.

And if the GOP really wants to troll for votes, it might try seeking them among white Evangelicals, who comprise a quarter of the electorate, and ask what they think of immigration.

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