Will Brazil be Able to Pull Off the World Cup?
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There is much concern in the press about how far behind Brazil has fallen in its ambitious construction plans for hosting the World Cup. Will Brazil be able to pull off hosting the World Cup?

Sure. It’s not a trip to Mars, it’s just a bunch of soccer games. How many professional soccer games are held every year? 10,000?

There will no doubt be traffic jams, confusion, delays, crowding, broken promises, and unmet expectations, but that’s all part of the Authentic Brazil Experience.

Los Angeles proved in 1984 that you can put on a fine Summer Olympics without spending hardly anything. Rather than build a new Coliseum, Rose Bowl, and magnetic levitation people-mover, the organizers went out and bought some color-coordinated (“Festive Federalism“) rayon banners, construction paper, and paint. And it was a big hit.

When in doubt, put out more flags.

Over at Vox Popoli, Vox Day notes how many international soccer “friendly” games are a little too friendly, as in being fixed by gamblers.


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