Will Bears Cause Vermont's Governor Shumlin To See Light On Immigration?
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Will Shumlin see attracting newcomers can be dangerous?

Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin is reaping a harvest of amused popularity because of being chased by four bears raiding his bird feeders at his Montpelier home: Bare Gov. Shumlin barely bails on bothersome bears by Matt Sutkoski Burlington Free Press April 13, 2012

Shumlin said he is aware of Department of Fish and Wildlife suggestions to bring bird feeders inside to discourage bears
“There is a lesson in all this: Don’t forget to bring in your birdfeeders,” Shumlin said.

That is indeed the lesson: carelessly creating an attractive environment can draw in dangerous and destructive forces.

So Governor Shumlin should immediately reconsider his policy of encouraging illegal immigration into his state which I discussed in Gov. Peter Shumlin: Treason Lobby's Man In Vermont.

Allowing the state to be swamped by a Hispanic proletariat will just create another Mexifornia.

And it will not save the family farm.

Sadly there is no chance of Shumlin accepting this logic. Notwithstanding this pretense of folksiness he is clearly a member of the new Democratic Plutocracy, and determined to elect a New People.

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