Why Was VDARE.com So Interested In NPI's Hungarian Conference? Because We Are All Richard Spencer Now.
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Some VDARE.com readers have asked why we have followed the odyssey of the National Policy Institute's persecuted Hungarian conference so closely (e.g. here and here and here). VDARE.com in a forum site open to anyone of any political persuasion opposed to America's ongoing immigration disaster. In contrast, NPI, and its RADIX Journal (the first print issue of which we collegially reviewed), has a broader focus and is also much more specifically white nationalist. It has attacked us as wimps because of our interest in e.g. non-apocalyptic political solutions. Moreover, unlike RADIX, VDARE.com does not feel obliged to take sides in e.g. the Ukrainian tragedy.

Nevertheless, the plain fact is that all of us on the Dissident Right are now NPI's Richard B. Spencer, jailed, brutalized, deported and reportedly barred for three years from most of the European Union for...the peaceful expression of political opinion.

At VDARE.com, we are regularly urged by readers who think they live in a free society to hold conferences. (We have managed a private webinar). Well, this is the reason we have not—we have no faith that modern governments will defend our rights and enforce the equal protection of the law. We live under what the late Sam Francis called "anarcho-tyranny."

To gauge how serious this problem is, especially in Europe, read The UK's Conservative Party Declares War On YouTube, Twitter, Free Speech & Common Sense, (Zero Hedge, October 2, 2014):

First of all, [Home Secretary] Teresa May wants to “ban non-violent extremist groups that fall short of the current threshold for being banned as terrorist-related organizations.” Think about that very closely. Essentially, she is saying non-violent groups that are currently not breaking any laws should be criminalized by creating new laws. Once this process begins, it will continue to be expanded and expanded until pretty much every form of expression other than government propaganda will be banned.
This will not deter VDARE.com from continuing to publish, but it will mean that we watch the threat with intense care.

For Jared Taylor's dramatic account of how NPI held its underground conference, see here; for his remarkable address to the conference, see here.

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