Why Should Thomas Friedman Care About Americans?
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New York Times Big Foot Thomas Friedman wrote a rabid open borders column last week using as pretext a Washington DC dinner for the

2010 Intel Science Talent Search, which, through a national contest, identifies and honors the top math and science high school students in America, based on their solutions to scientific problems.

His reason

most finalists hailed from immigrant families, largely from Asia.

America’s Real Dream Team The New York Times March 20 2010

Friedman, of course, like Mayor Bloomberg, is one of that type of American who despise their countrymen and seem to relish celebrating their discomfiture.

I am sure he did not even blink at the poignant letter the NYT had the decency to carry protesting his pro immigration bigotry:

I am a scientist made unemployed by legal immigration, so I oppose Thomas L. Friedman’s support of opening the doors further. There are too many scientists with Ph.D.’s in many fields in the United States. Without stricter immigration policies, the oversupply of Ph.D.’s just gets worse and worse, with the result that in some fields immigrants are being given a large fraction of the jobs. These are science jobs that Americans want, are applying for and are being turned away from.

It is harmful to trumpet the rest of the world’s students who are being given our jobs as “America’s Real Dream Team.” Let’s make sure American scientists can stay a part of the American Dream Team!

(Here, Letter #2)

Refuting Friedman’s ravings would be tedious, but fortunately The Irish Savant has done a fine job in Relief! Tom Friedman says things are ok. Commenting

he’s been wrong on everything of substance for as long as I can remember.

and listing several examples, TIS goes on

Where are all the native Americans? I’ll posit that they’ve been relegated to the sidelines and held back in terms of educational opportunity, research funding, business startup assistance and all the other anti-white male mechanisms now in place under the guise of supporting ‘minorities’. You haven't gained new brilliance, you’ve merely replaced one ethnic group with another(VDARE.com emphasis)

He points out

Chinese and Indians are famous/notorious for selecting their own ethnic groups to work for them. None of this equal opportunity crap for them. American whites therefore will be taken on only where necessary for US-based employment.

and concludes

the net effect is that non-American ethnic groups have received a heavily subsidized education and favourable business start-up funding in the US. The successful ones employ few Americans if they stay, and many will relocate back to their home countries with their expensively developed IP. From where they will compete with companies built up, despite all the discrimination, by ordinary American whites, and operating from America.

Importing intelligent ethnocentrists is as damaging as importing Haitians – but in a different way.

None of this will impact Tom Friedman, who prudently married a billionaire’s daughter. But the rest of us need to worry.

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