Why Polygamy Will Eventually Be Legalized: Polygamous Immigrant Africans.
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You hear the argument frequently that when gay marriage is declared a self-evident civil right, then how, in principle, can three fundamentalist Mormons or three Arabs be denied their rights to be married, too?

Easy — They are fundamentalist Mormons. 

Look, principles don't have anything to do with it. It's a popularity contest. Gays are popular and Mormons aren't. Polygamous fundamentalist Mormons are extremely unpopular, so nobody is going to do anything for them.

Okay, but can Arabs be denied their rights?

Not so easy, but it can still be done: They are Arabs.

Ultimately, though, polgyamy has a secret weapon: polygamous immigrant Africans. 

So, eventually, the question will become: Can blacks be denied their rights? What with America's dark history of racist brutality and all?

Now that is exactly the kind of question that America ultimately gives in on.

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