Why Only Nixon Could Go To China—And Obama Won't Be Bringing The Troops Home
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The problem Steve Sailer identifies below (that a hypothetical President McCain could withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq, but Obama can't) is known as the "Only Nixon could go to China" problem.

Some of our readers will be too young to remember why it was only Nixon who could arrange to recognize Communist China. It was because if a President McGovern, or President Humphrey did so, they would be seen as doing it for the benefit of the Chinese, and possibly seen as betraying their country. (See Ann Coulter's Treason, or more recently Stanton Evans's Blacklisted By History for why the American people would have been suspicious of a Democratic demarche granting recognition to a Communist country.)

Nixon, of course, was a sea-green incorruptible anti-Communist—if he was doing it, it must be part of a Machiavellian plan to divide the ChiComs from the Soviets. This proved to be the case.

But you see the parallel—if Barack Hussein Obama declares the war lost, and brings the troops home, Americans will definitely feel that he's doing it for the benefit of the Muslims, not the American people.(See Face it, White America: Obama prefers Muslims, by Patrick Cleburne below.)

There are already people in the Muslim world who think that the election of Barack Hussein Obama means they've won. The building of a mosque at Ground Zero, supported by Obama will reinforce that idea. Obama and the Democrats just can't afford to hand the enemy any obvious victories overseas.

So if you don't like the war, and you thought that the one good thing about this President is that he might end it, you're wrong.

The one good thing about Obama is that his presidency, as VDARE.com predicted before the election, is providing "a nice eye-opener for many a nice white liberal—to say nothing of the slumbering "conservative" masses."

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