Why Is The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Trying To Make A Black Lives Matter Maniac Attacker Look Like A Victim?
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Apropos of the letter last night about the shooting of the Black Lives Matter nut in St. Louis, three observations that show the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a completely biased story to make this thug look innocent, or even better, look like the victim.

First the headline:

Intruder shot by off-duty St. Louis County officer after online argument about Black Lives Matter, family says.”
Why did the newspaper quote the family (which seems to mean the  family of the attacker) in the headline, and not the police?

And get a load of these two lines:

But an online disagreement over the issues brought Gebhard to the Lakeshire home shortly before 6 p.m.

Belmar said Gebhard tossed the planter through the back window after being rebuffed by the officer's wife at the front door. She hid with other family members, including a toddler and an infant, as the off-duty officer went to check on the disturbance.

No, an “online disagreement over the issues” did not “bring” Gebhard to the cop’s home. No one and nothing “brought” him anywhere. (Took, by the way, is the proper word there). Gebhard took himself there because he was in a rage. He went there to kill, as we know from the next paragraph, which describes his throwing the 50-pound concrete planter through the window.

But note that the newspaper implicitly blamed the cop’s wife for Gebhard’s attempted murder. She “rebuffed” him at the front door. “Rebuffed” him? No, she fled for her life.

Last, the newspaper concocted the usual attempt to paint the criminal as victim: He was a “sweetheart,” a “good student” and a “good athlete.” Um, no, he wasn’t a sweetheart, and the story offers no proof of his academic or athletic prowess, other than a quote from his coach.

And of course, his death was “senseless,” a quote from the bereaved uncle. No, it makes perfect sense. When you break into a cop’s house and his family is there, you’re likely to get shot, and may well wind up dead. And deservedly so.

So we have another reason normal Americans hate the media.

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