Why Is A False Rape Accusation Activist Supporting Black Crime?
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The Community of the Wrongfully Accused blog (COWTA) A blog dedicated and created to advocate for men wrongfully accused of rape has for some reason,  adopted "the narrative" on the death of convicted felon Freddie Gray.

In order to defend men's rights vis-a-vis false accusation of sexual assault, COWTA surrenders white men to sacrifice on the altar of false accusations of racism and excessive force.

COWTA May 1, 2015

Baltimore, Baltimore, Baltimore

It is just awful — and terribly unfair — that Baltimore has been tarnished by the Freddie Gray incident. Tourists should have no fear about visiting the historic town, including the world famous Inner Harbor. After all, you probably won't get your spine severed unless you're a black male and you do something terribly stupid, like make eye contact with a police officer.[More]

For a blog that usually gets so much correct, it is shocking that in one paragraph of a mere two sentences, the writer gets so much wrong, and falsely accuses 5 male police officers of heinous crimes with absolutely no evidence.

First, and astoundingly, the defender of male victims of false accusations of rape has decided that Baltimore is a safe place unless you cross the cops. Well, that is not true. Crime in Baltimore is rampant and its one of the top ten most dangerous big cities in the United States. And the Color of Crime in Bulletimore is black.

Second, Freddie Gray did not have his "spine severed," but died when his head struck a bolt on the wall of a police van.

The Daily Dot, April 30, 2015, by Dell Cameron

Leaked Autopsy Sheds New Light On Freddie Gray's Death

An unnamed law enforcement source says that Gray, whose death sparked protests in Baltimore and cities around the country this week, was instead killed by injuries that occurred after he was placed unrestrained into the back of a police transport vehicle.

A medical examiner found that the injury happened when Gray’s head slammed into the back of the police van, according to the report. The head injury he sustained apparently matches a bolt in the rear of the vehicle.

So, Freddie Gray died not because he made eye-contact with a police officer, but because of an accident due to not having been seat-belted in.

Furthermore, COWTA claims that Bulletimore's Inner Harbor is safe for tourists. But, in fact, Inner Harbor is being targeted by black gangs seeking white victims.

WND May 18, 2012 by Colin Flaherty

Call For Crackdown On Black-On-White Terror

A state lawmaker in Maryland, concerned about “black youths” who are “terrorizing” Baltimore’s upscale Inner Harbor, wants the governor to send in state troopers to make the area safe.

Pat McDonough, a member of the Maryland legislature, has been accused of launching a “racially tinged publicity stunt” but stands by his comments.

“The Inner Harbor is a dangerous place for residents and visitors,” said McDonough. “And it does us no good to avoid this hard truth: Black youth are responsible for a sustained and dangerous period of violence in one of Baltimore’s nicest neighborhoods.”

The most recent episode of racial violence happened on St. Patrick’s Day. A white tourist was attacked, beaten, robbed and stripped of his clothes by a gang of laughing and violent black people, reports confirm.

So, Inner Harbor isn't safe. Baltimore isn't safe. Why is COWTA claiming it is? Why is COWTA so outraged about an accidental death of a felon? Clearly COWTA is trying to maintain their viability in a politically correct atmosphere that  is hostile to COWTA's issue, defending men against rape, so COWTA adopts a position on another politically correct issue, black crime, in an effort to deflect criticism by the radical left for defending men's rights against false accusations of rape.

Basically, COWTA sacrifices all whites, but specifically male police officers, and more specifically white male police officers on the altar of political correctness on the race issue in order to maintain the political viability of criticizing the feminist Social Justice Warrior (SJW) movement's attacks on men.

Clearly, the political calculation on that isn't working out, and it exposes COWTA for hypocrisy and lack of principle for supporting the lies against whites, white men, and white male police officers.

In the end though, men in general and COWTA in particular, are going to get no support from blacks in the battle to protect men from false accusations of rape by supporting black lies about crime and police officers. COWTA should stick to what they do best: expose the lies of feminists and SJWs about men and rape.


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