Why Europeans Can't Have Nice Things Anymore Like Checkpoint-free Travel Within the Schengen Zone
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From the NYT:

Europe’s New Border Controls Exact a Cost


FREILASSING, Germany — Traffic along one of Europe’s busiest highways, which used to flow unimpeded, now often backs up for miles at a newly installed checkpoint, where a phalanx of German police officers screens trucks and cars for hidden migrants.

At this border crossing, as a result, Austrians who work in Germany have trouble getting to their jobs. Many companies in Germany must wait days longer for deliveries of food, machine parts and other goods. Shoppers who made quick weekend jaunts to Freilassing’s stores now mostly stay away.

“It’s really bad,” said Karl Pichler, the owner of a large gardening center here in Freilassing, whose sales of tulips, rose bushes and other plants has slumped as longtime customers from Austria have stopped coming.

More than two decades after much of Europe began abolishing border controls under the so-called Schengen Agreement, the free movement of people and products between countries has helped transform the European Union into the world’s largest economy.

But as the bloc now grapples with the biggest migration crisis since World War II, the revival of checkpoints on some of the region’s most important transport routes is crimping commerce and threatening to cost billions of euros in lost business just as Europe is recovering from a six-year economic slump.

… Of the 28 countries in the European Union, 22 have passport-free arrangements, with Britain as one of the notable exceptions. But the lines are quickly being redrawn across Europe.

Since autumn, Austria, Denmark, France, Norway and Sweden have joined Germany in imposing and extending temporary border checks. Belgium last week temporarily shut its border with France. Fences have gone up on various other borders including ones in Hungary, Serbia and Croatia, and along the Austrian-Slovenian frontier.

Heckuva job, Merkely! Inviting in a million Merkel Youth from Syria, Afghanistan, and Eritrea sure did the European Union a lot of good.

But when the Chancellor of Germany decides to trash the European Union’s rules on refugees and impose a New Order upon Europe, she is praised for upholding “Europeanism” (i.e., harming Europeans). When the Prime Minister of Hungary attempts to defend Europe by enforcing the European Union rule on refugees that Germany discarded without even consulting the rest of the EU, he is denounced as a Nazi and forced to back down.


Because the ruling passion of our time is “anti-racism,” which isn’t a principle, it’s simply animus against white Europeans.

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