Why Do British Jews Live 5 or 6 Years Longer?
September 09, 2017, 09:27 AM
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From The Forward:

May You Live Until 120: DNA Uncovers Secrets To Jewish Longevity

Allison Gaudet Yarrow, August 3, 2011

According to British census data, Jews live an average of five to six years longer than their gentile counterparts, and there may be nearly three times as many Jewish centenarians as in the general U.K. population.

Similar American data is not available because the U.S. census is prohibited from asking about religious affiliation.

Because Jewish organizations in the late 1950s objected to Census Bureau plans to ask.

According to James Thompson at the Unz Review, a 115 IQ leads to an average lifespan of 5.5 years longer than a 100 IQ. Some of the longer lifespan is no doubt due to better decision making due to higher IQ, but some of the longer lifespan and higher IQ is due to fewer unfavorable mutations.

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