Why Conservatives Are Their Own Worst Enemy
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Continuing unabated with my conviction that John McCain cannot possibly win in November, I offer this example of the kind of thinking that will doom the Republicans

Dr. Richard Land , a highly respected voice in conservative circles and the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, recommended yesterday on CNN that McCain should pick as his vice presidential running mate Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Land’s thinking is that undecided voters of either party who are fond of the idea of electing either a woman or an African-American into the White House could be convinced that, while not on the top spot, Rice satisfies both requirements: she’s a black woman.

You will have to spend a long time—much longer than you care to—to come up with a dumber idea than Rice as vice president.

Rice, a Bush apologist war fanatic who liberally tossed around the word ”vigilantes” with reference to the Minutemen, is less popular than her boss.

As amazing as Land’s preposterous idea was that his fellow conservatives on the panel all nodded in agreement as if his idea were the finest suggestion they had heard all week.

From now until November, McCain is going to get a lot of stupid advice from the conservatives he feels he has to appease.

To stand any kind of a chance, he should ignore it all. And most importantly, McCain should separate himself as far as possible from Bush, Rice and the rest of that neocon crowd that Americans are so tired of.

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