Why are Google ads so inept?
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I don't know if you see the same Google ads as I do, but the ads Google chooses to run on my blog when I look at www.iSteve.blogspot.com are hilariously abysmal. For example:

Racial discrimination 

Find Racial discrimination Near You. See Actual Customer Reviews! 



I'm not making this up. 

Let's try an experiment with another keyword phrase: 

poison oak

For all I know, Google will now put an ad on my website reading "Find Poison oak Near You." Let's try some other guaranteed moneymakers:



dry rot


negative cash flow


I first put Google ads on my website many years ago, and I made more money back then, even though my readership was much smaller. I recall a few weeks into running Google ads, there was an for a documentary on evolution that was so popular with my readership that I earned $10 from just that ad in one day. I figured, wow, Google will of course learn from this mutually profitable venture what kinds of things my readership is interested in, and that will begin a positive feedback loop that will make the ads Google chooses to run on my website ever more relevant to my highly distinctive and hard-to-reach audience. 

Was I ever mistaken. As far as I can tell, after all these years, Google has never learned anything about what ads appeal to my readers and what don't. Or maybe nobody in the whole world has anything to advertise that appeals to my readers.

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