Why Are Diamond and Silk Bullying Poor Facebook?
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From the New York Times:

Who Are Diamond and Silk? A Look at 2 Pro-Trump Social Media Stars



They have feuded with Facebook, been defended by Senator Ted Cruz and were mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg in remarks before Congress. They are Diamond and Silk.

Diamond and Silk are African-American sisters, Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, who became known during the 2016 presidential campaign for their unwavering support of Donald J. Trump.

They found a new audience this week when Republican lawmakers pressed Mr. Zuckerberg, the Facebook chief executive, on the sisters’ accusation that the social media giant was discriminating against them for their beliefs. (The company says that is not true.) …

The sisters received a note from Facebook on April 5 that said the company determined the content on their page to be “unsafe to the community.” They said the note, along with a decline in traffic to their page, was proof that Facebook has an anticonservative bias. …

On Thursday, a Facebook spokeswoman said the note the company had sent to the two women should not have been sent and was a result of a communications problem, not a partisan bias. …

She said Facebook was investigating how the note came to be written and sent.

It’s just one of those mysteries that we’ll never fully understand. It’s not like Facebook is some kind of vastly profitable corporate monopoly that has organization charts and keeps copies of its own internal communications. Try to keep this straight in your head: Facebook keeps copies of your messages, Facebook doesn’t keep copies of its own messages.
… Do Diamond and Silk have critics?

Yes, they do. They have been criticized for supporting an administration deeply unpopular with African-Americans and being unrepresentative of African-American women (94 percent of female African-American voters cast ballots against Mr. Trump).

How dare Diamond and Silk not submit to racial stereotypes when it comes to politics?

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