Why Are Dance Classes Teaching 7-Year Old White Girls To Twerk?
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As a father of young girls, I recently began exploring the local options for dance classes. Dancing seems like a healthy choice for daughters. It gets them physically active and also encourages something which is traditionally feminine.

Unfortunately, like most things in our modern society, dance schools for young girls seem to be moving in the wrong direction. I discovered that almost all dance schools offer "hip-hop dancing." This type of dancing is modeled off how black women dance to rap music. The instructors of course will use euphemisms when they describe the origin of hip-hop dancing like "urban" or "R&B" but it's obvious that what they're trying to do is teach your white daughter how to dance like a black woman.

And how else would you describe how the girls in this video are dancing?

So much about this video is wrong from the inappropriate way these very young girls are dressed to the overly sexualized dancing that you have to wonder what is wrong with the parents who sign their kids up for it. But that's hip-hop dancing for you. I joked to my wife that they should call it "introduction to stripping" because most of these dance routines look like something you'd expect to see in a strip club.

I have no idea why white parents would think this is suitable for their daughters. The last thing I'll ever sign my daughters up for is a class where they'll learn how to do the pelvic thrusting move popularly known as "twerking." But the problem is that most of these dance schools that offer normal dance classes like ballet or tap also offer hip-hop and they try to encourage students to experiment with different genres because it's good for the school's business. The more classes your kid takes, the more money the school makes. So if you send your daughter to a school that offers regular dancing but also offers hip-hop, there's a good chance that the instructors will try to pressure you into signing your child up for hip-hop. And you also have to be aware that your daughter's peers might start pressuring her to get into hip-hop dancing as well.

The only thing that I'm hopeful for is that as black activists continue to get more militant and blatantly anti-white, they end up shaming white people for trying to dance like them. They just recently did this with Miley Cyrus.

A few years ago, amid her obsession with twerking and partying, the 25-year-old singer was known as the poster child for cultural appropriation, with many accusing her of appropriating hip-hop and rap culture to advance her career. [Miley Cyrus Accused of Cultural Appropriation for Dancing to a Rap Song, StyleCaster.com, Jason Pham, March 21, 2018]

Perhaps, in the end, the strong antipathy that black people feel towards white people will stop white people from imitating blacks and return back to our own culture which, as you can see in the video below, has much more suitable dance offerings for young girls.

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