"Whose Campus? Our Campus!"
February 02, 2017, 08:51 PM
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One of the favorite chants of the Anti-Free Speech Movement is:
“Whose campus? Our campus!”
That reminds me that a lot of the left these days is motivated by juvenile delinquent-style territorialism, the way the 12th Street Gang will beat members of the 14th Street Gang who dare walk down their street.

Similarly Milo Yiannopoulos going on to the Berkeley campus or Gavin McInnes going on to the NYU non-campus is seen not as an opportunity to hear opposing views and ask tough questions, or even as something you have to put up with due to the tradition of freedom of speech.

Instead, it’s felt as a massive diss by an Enemy Gang that must be driven off.

Similarly, the elected government’s attempts to impose somewhat more prudent restraints on who is allowed on the territory of the United States of America is felt like a giant insult to what turf the Left Gang controls: territorialism for me (nobody I disagree with is allowed to speak on my public university campus) but not for thee (you racist American).

For example, watch this March of the Orcs at Berkeley last night, chanting:

No borders

No nation

F*** deportation

I realize Presidential hopeful Gavin Newsom says it was just a “few” troublemakers, but I count about 50 to 80 masked orcs dressed in black marching by in this video.

The same people who want to rule the streets want to destroy the nation.

Obviously, territorialism is a powerful human instinct, which needs to be both empowered and limited by wise laws.

And that is is why it is so important to uphold the rule of law, unlike what we saw in Berkeley yesterday.

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