Whoopi Goldberg: "Do We Need To See White People Also Get Beaten...?"
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White people deserve it too.

Whoopi Goldberg asks if White people need to get beaten up for police reform to occur, KATV.com, January 30, 2023:


“The View” Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg questioned Monday whether the U.S. needed “to see White people also get beaten” in order for something to be done about police brutality.

“You know, seems things don’t seem to make sense to people unless its [sic]somebody they can feel, or they can recognize. But how many times do we have to—do we need to see White people also get beaten before anybody will do anything?” Goldberg questioned.

“I’m not suggesting that. So don’t write us and tell me what a racist I am,” she quickly attempted to clarify. “I’m just asking, is that what people have to see in order to wake up and realize this affects us all?”

Goldberg’s comments come in light of the recent controversy over the death of Tyre Nichols. Nichols passed away following an arrest in which newly released police body cam footage shows Memphis police officers severely beating him.

After the release of the body cam footage, others attempted to tie Nichols’s death at the hands of police to race, even though each of the officer’s allegedly involved in the beating were also Black.

“Doesn’t matter what color those police officers are,” Rep. Maxwell Frost, D-Fla., reportedly wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “The murder of Tyre Nichols is anti-Black and the result of white supremacy.”

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill also connected Nichols’s death to “white supremacist violence.”

“I need so many people to understand this regarding Tyre Nichols. Several of the police officers who murdered Freddie Gray were Black. The entire system of policing is based on white supremacist violence,” Hill tweeted after the body cam footage of the beating was released. “We see people under the boot of oppression carry its water all the time.”

Reports from the Washington Post and New York Times following Nichols’s death similarly linked his death to race.

“The widely viewed videos of the Nichols beating provided fodder for right-wing media ecosystems that routinely blame Black America’s maladies on Black America, and spawned nuanced conversations among Black activists about how systemic racism can manifest in the actions of non-White people,” the Post’s report wrote.

The Post’s report indicated “some studies” have shown Black-police officers use excessive force less frequently against Black individuals compared to their White counterparts, but conceded the difference was only “marginal.”

A report from The Times similarly added that the “problems of race and policing” are the result of “an entrenched police culture of aggression and dehumanization of Black people.”

In 2023, it’s time to realize when black people kill other blacks (including black cops killing black criminals), the fault rests with white people. And in turn, white people deserve to be victimized as well.

Dehumanization of white people intensifies…

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