Who/whom in Georgia
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I was intending to blog on the contrast between the writing efficiency of Ancient Scroll (formerly The Epic of Gilgamesh) and the ponderous blather needed to be waded through to evaluate the material on Frontline on Friday concerning Jared Taylor.

Last Sunday AS posted a particularly elegant comment on the social/economic impact of the Mexican inundation of the rural South. In response to a stupid remark, he commented:

I live in a rural part of Appalachia, where jobs are few and far between. Now, it used to be that people here could earn a living being in the construction business, but the Mexicans came, and they will do the work for minimum wage...Local teenagers used to work at the fast food joints and the grocery store, but now all those jobs are taken by Mexicans...Our county newspaper publishes an arrest report...Now all the names are Hispanic, and the crimes are either violent crimes or drug related, that sort of thing...Mexicans go to the hospital, give fake names, and then skip out on the bills. Our hospital then passes the loss on to people like me...I find that most people who want to take a kinder, gentler approach to immigration live in places where there aren 't any Mexicans, or they have a lifestyle where the actual impact of this vast influx doesn't really connect in their daily lives.

( I think he is optimistic about the last point: from the perspective of Greenwich CT it is obvious that much immigration tolerance has very directly to do with liking cheap yard workers and domestic servants.)

However, on Saturday he posted on a much more immediate issue: the attempt to blame "Anglos" for gangland style killings in the cash- rich immigrant camps in Georgia:

Everybody in Georgia knows that the Hispanic gangs which infest the areas where there is a large Hispanic population exact a "tax" on the people. If you don't pay, you die. The Mexicans are terrified of them, will not help the police in any way, and invariably blame "Anglo's" or blacks

earlier remarking on Friday:

The Hispanics bring their own ills with them. Heavy drug use, murderous gangs, an atmosphere of filth and squalor, and an insatiable and voracious appetite for public funds and social services.

When I was studying the UK Industrial Revolution in school in Britain a million years ago one was endlessly invited to consider the living conditions of migrants from rural England to the big cities. (Although I do not remember stories of this type of crime.) How many accounts does one see about the appalling living conditions illegals eagerly accept in this country right now? Perhaps it has to do with who is benefiting. MSM writers have yards too.

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