Who Wants To Fight Fires? Mostly White Men
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Reuben over at jewamongyou makes a point I haven’t seen elsewhere:

It appears that all 19 of the firefighters who died recently in an Arizona blaze were white men. Given the aggressive push to get more women and non-whites into fire departments, we might have expected somebody to complain that there should be more faces of color among the dead. Yet, to the best of my knowledge, nobody is so complaining.

Yep.  Where are the shrieking feminists?  Why aren’t blacks out rioting?  When will Rep. Luis Gutierrez make an angry speech in Spanish?  Why haven’t we heard from Judge Garaufis?

Commenter “rjp” says:

Whites are the only people who have the intelligence and desire for outdoor excitement that allows them to take such a job.

Other races want jobs whites have generally held in the past that hold similar status, but little risk.

Well, I don't know.  Hispanics, for example, sometimes take on unpleasant and dangerous work—like, oh, for example, Neighborhood Watch captain . . .   



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