Who Is The "Invisible Victim" Of Harvard's Illegal Alien Poster Child?
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Somewhere in the U.S. this summer there is an American teenager eating his/her heart out because he/ she didn't get into Harvard, or, further down the pecking order, into the Ivy League at all.

But you won't be reading about this child in the MSM. Instead, you will be reading sob stories about Eric Balderas, an illegal alien student at Harvard who was briefly detained by federal immigration authorities and then released—another example of the Obama Administration's Stealth Amnesty. (Case deepens immigration debate: Backers say Harvard student is poster child for Dream Act, by Maria Sacchetti, Boston Globe, June 20 2010).

College admissions are a zero-sum game. The inescapable fact is that, because Harvard chose to favor Balderas, an American student was denied admission. Yet the pain of these American teenagers is never reported. They remain, as sociologist Fred Lynch said about the the white male casualties of Affirmative Action, "Invisible Victims".

There may be some reductionists out there who believe that Balderas was just better than the American he displaced. This ignores the omnipresent reality of racial preferences and the fact that a college like Harvard is so swamped with high-quality applicants that choosing among them is pretty much a random walk.

Oh, and notice that reference in the Boston Globe's propaganda piece to the DREAM Act. The Treason Lobby doesn't just want to displace America's children—it wants Americans to pay for the privilege.

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