Who Are The "Protesters" Going After Trump Hotel In DC? Communist Lunatics Of Course!
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The Main Stream Media was busy cheerleading protests at the opening of Donald Trump's new hotel in Washington DC today. Journalists who have been writing adoring puff pieces about anti-Trump activists can take pride in how their campaign to destroy Trump's businesses is starting to bear fruit [The New Protesters Defying Donald Trump: His Customersby Michael Barbaro, The New York Times, October 17, 2016] It's just the latest incident as leftists use violence and destruction of property against both Trump and his supporters around the country [Anti-Trump Violence Sweeps The Nationby Matthew Vadum, LifeZette, October 26, 2016]. They even destroyed Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame [Vandal With Ax, Sledgehammer Breaks Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star to Piecesby Jonathan Lloyd and Nyree Arabian, NBC 4, October 26, 2016].

But who are these protesters? One of the challenges for conservative or patriotic activists who want to do street demonstrations is dealing with the Lying Press. As volunteer commissars, you can always count on the reporters to conduct an in-depth investigation of every activist who shows up and they'll be sure to promote any embarrassing Facebook posts or connections (no matter how distant) with anyone they consider an "extremist." Occasionally, if they can't find anyone being "racist," they'll just make up, as the SPLC famously did at a League of the South protest where staff member Keegan Hankes used racial slurs and tried to incite demonstrators, according to a witness. However, this kind of scrutiny only goes one way. When leftists and Open Borders activists show up, even if they are actually in the pay of far-Left or openly treasonous organizations, they can count on adoring coverage from the MSM.

So who showed up today? The center-right Daily Caller at least named who was there.

Activists from the organizing group ANSWER Coalition stood with members of Code Pink and other protesters, waving signs and calling Trump racist while speakers repeated that they were “building a wall against racism and bigotry."

[Activists Descend On Trump Hotel To Protest 'Racism And Bigotry' [Photos]by Steve Birr, October 26, 2016]

Who is the ANSWER Coalition? From beyond the grave, Christopher Hitchens tells us:
"..International ANSWER," the group run by the "Worker's World" party and fronted by Ramsey Clark, which openly supports Kim Jong-il, Fidel Castro, Slobodan Milosevic, and the "resistance" in Afghanistan and Iraq, with Clark himself finding extra time to volunteer as attorney for the génocidaires in Rwanda. Quite a "wide range of progressive political objectives" indeed, if that's the sort of thing you like. However, a dip into any database could have furnished Janofsky with well-researched and well-written articles by David Corn and Marc Cooper—to mention only two radical left journalists—who have exposed "International ANSWER" as a front for (depending on the day of the week) fascism, Stalinism, and jihadism.
The group self-lovingly calling itself "United for Peace and Justice" is by no means "narrow" in its "antiwar focus" but rather represents a very extended alliance between the Old and the New Left, some of it honorable and some of it redolent of the World Youth Congresses that used to bring credulous priests and fellow-traveling hacks together to discuss "peace" in East Berlin or Bucharest. Just to give you an example, from one who knows the sectarian makeup of the Left very well, I can tell you that the Worker's World Party—Ramsey Clark's core outfit—is the product of a split within the Trotskyist movement. These were the ones who felt that the Trotskyist majority, in 1956, was wrong to denounce the Russian invasion of Hungary. The WWP is the direct, lineal product of that depraved rump. If the "United for Peace and Justice" lot want to sink their differences with such riffraff and mount a joint demonstration, then they invite some principled political criticism on their own account. And those who just tag along … well, they just tag along.

[Anti-War, My Foot, by Christopher Hitchens, Slate, September 26, 2005]

The American Thinker provides more information on the structure of the group, and how a core of professional activists provides the center around which floats an ever shifting coalition of temporary protesters and "extras":
A.N.S.W.E.R.’s core of professionals includes seasoned protest organizers, the political cadre of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), and a D.C.-based law firm – the Partnership for Civil Justice.  These “professionals” share a political worldview, and, in multiple cases, common addresses, phone numbers, and operatives...

Brian Becker is the co-founder and National Coordinator of A.N.S.W.E.R.  Co-founder and brother, Richard Becker, is a member of the organization’s Steering Committee.

In 2013, Brian was interviewed outside the White House while protesting against a potential bombing incursion into Syria.

According to DISCOVERTHENETWORKS.ORG, Brian is “a former member of the Secretariat of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party (WWP)...

A 2006 Human Events article entitled “Who Funds Pro-Amnesty ANSWER Group?” stated that “Since ANSWER’s inception [2001], PUF has given $147,987 to ANSWER as revealed on their IRS Form 990, a hefty amount considering PUF generated only $219,370 in revenue in 2004.”

The article noted that, in 2006, the Progress Unity Fund and the San Francisco office of A.N.S.W.E.R. shared the same address.

Human Events also stated that PUF’s Form 990 “lists Brenda Sanburg, Rosa Penate and Keith Pavlik as officers of the organization, all three of whom have written for the WWP’s publication, Workers World.” In 2006, Rosa Penate was affiliated with A.N.S.W.E.R. and Keith Pavik is now among the 24 key members identified by Liberation, the “newspaper” of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.  Pavik is also identified as the current designer of the PUF website.

[ANSWER Coalition not letting Ferguson crisis go to wasteby Lee Cary, November 13, 2014]

From Ferguson to Washington, groups like ANSWER or the Revolutionary Communist Party are always at the center of these left wing protests [Revolutionary Communist Party protests Trump, America, WND, July 22, 2016]. And yet, every single time, credulous reporters who shriek that it's another Shoah if someone sends them a picture of a cartoon frog on Twitter soberly furrow their brows and dispassionately treat these genocidal lunatics as ordinary American citizens. Are we supposed to think it is a bad thing that Communists don't like Donald Trump? I can't think of a better endorsement for him.

Never forget the reason the radical Left wants Open Borders is because they know it's bad for America. And for Americans.

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