"Whites Too Stupid To Make Money on Crank, etc...
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The Lodi News-Sentinel, where my weekly Op-ed appears, recently started a blog for readers. In response to a letter from Lodian R.G. Hooper titled "Boycott Story Lacked Balance," commenter "Hey" advanced these interesting opinions on why illegal immigration is not an altogether bad thing:

"I never heard of a Mexican killer trying to eat his victims like white killers do."

"The prison population would not be lower it would just make room for more white people who actualy (sic) account for more crime than any race."

"The only reason the Mexicans took over the crank trade was because the white people making it were to stupid to make any real money doing it."

"If you boycotted the Taco Trucks how would white people eat, they are way to lazy to cook for themselfs (sic)."

As I have repeatedly noted, in the immigration reform business, you can never say you have heard it all.


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