Whites Are Killing Themselves At Record Rates—Will Anyone Ask Why?
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The suicide rate is skyrocketing, particularly for whites. [CDC finds suicide rates among middle-aged adults increased from 1999-2010, Centers For Disease Control, May 2, 2013 

My local media outlet completely ignored the white angle, but the Associated Press didn't: Suicide rate up sharply for middle-aged Americans, May 3, 2013

Their analysis holds that white childlessness and lack of churchgoing might have something to do with it, which is pretty amusing considering that this can translate as, "Hey, white people!  If you start living a more traditional life, your chances of offing yourself go way down!" 

Pills come in as another suspect.  I have long been ferociously skeptical about the Prozac-and-progeny phenomenon in America, and its effects on white well-being.  We take WAY too many pills.  Is anyone paying attention to this problem?

Beyond all this, I remain convinced that the ongoing displacement of whites is having a mass psychological effect that isn't fully understood or even realized.  We live in a society where whites are downgraded and dismissed, their group identity strictly forbidden from expression and their individual identity only slightly more tolerated.  White kids have multiculturalism shoved down their throats from Day One, and white adults must bottle up their most deeply-felt sentiments on race, suffer the disenfranchisement of unemployment through affirmative action, lock-out from prestigious colleges, and physcial displacement from illegal immigration. 

You can't even get directions at the gas station because the turban-wearing Indian behind the bulletproof window doesn't speak English.  I'm surprised MORE whites are killing themselves.

I can tell you from experience (that experience being called "The Bronx") that being a white-in-the-minority is harrowing.  Living in a rural white area, by contrast—even a poor one—is calming and comforting.

The human psyche is a delicate thing.  Rip it from the comforts of ethnic community and you can do real damage.  Tell the CDC to get on that.


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