White Privilege: Oregon (85% White/1.9% Black) Defends Giving $62 Million In Federal Coronavirus Funds To Black People Only
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What do we mean by calling it Black-Run America (BRA)? Well, it doesn’t mean black people RUN America, but it means the decisions made by our elite are put through the prism of how does it best benefit black people exclusively.

Oregon Defends State Coronavirus Program Giving Federal Funds to Black People Only, Breitbart, December 5, 2020

The State of Oregon continues to defend a state program that distributes federal coronavirus relief funds to black people — and only black people — after two separate lawsuits have challenged the program as a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The Oregon state legislature’s Emergency Board created the Oregon Cares Fund this summer — with nightly Black Lives Matter riots raging in Portland — to allocate $62 million in funds from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to black residents (out of $200 million in total funds). The Oregon Cares Fund website states:

The Oregon Cares Fund is a targeted investment in the Black community from the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund. This fund is meant to provide the Black community with the resources it needs to weather the global health pandemic and consequent recession. The Oregon Cares Fund is for Black people, Black-owned businesses, and Black community based organizations.

At the time, the Oregon Legislative Counsel warned that the program might be unconstitutional, especially because the legislature had not shown evidence that past discrimination was responsible for black Oregonians’ suffering during COVID:

As discussed below, we think the program may potentially, but would not necessarily, violate the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution and the privileges and immunities clause of the Oregon Constitution.

Under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits states from denying “equal protection of the laws” to individuals, state laws that classify individuals according to race or gender are subject to special scrutiny.

We are not aware of any evidentiary findings by the legislature or the Emergency Board in support of the OBDD grant program at issue here. Without any such findings, the program would almost certainly be unconstitutional under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Article I, section 20, of the Oregon Constitution, prohibits the state from providing privileges or immunities to a class of citizens if the privileges or immunities do not apply on the same terms to all citizens.

Two federal lawsuits have been filed: one by a logging company, Great Northern Resources; and the other by a Mexican-American coffee shop owner, Maria Garcia. (For her trouble, she has been labeled by Latino “leaders” as “anti-Black.”)

In 1859, Oregon was admitted into the union as the only one of the states with “exclusionary laws” on the books to keep Africans from settling in the state.

True story.

In 2020? The state has a coronavirus relief program with funds specifically set aside for just black residents of the state only.

Ladies and gentleman, Black-Run America in action.

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