WHITE PILL ALERT! Americans Revolt Against Critical Race Theory
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Finally, a White Pill! James Kirkpatrick notes "...ordinary Americans are rising to resist anti-white Cultural Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination in their schools. An authentic grassroots movement at the state and local level is forcing state legislatures and school boards to act against this poisonous Communist doctrine."

But what is CRT? And why is it imperative that the Historical American Nation rise up and defeat this ideology spreading across all aspects of our lives, creeping into public schools right under our noses?

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Grass-Roots Americans Revolt Against Critical Race Theory

From James Kirkpatrick: "Critical Race Theory requires you to accept, as a cornerstone premise, that America is inherently racist and that racial disparities exist because of that racism. You can’t opt out of this by saying that you personally are not racist. Comparing racism to cancer, Ibram Kendi intones: “There’s just no way we’re going to survive racism as a society and even as individuals without pain." Making things worse for whites is part of the program.

Of course, there are several problems with this right off the bat:

  • First, Critical Race Theory is unfalsifiable, meaning that there is no possible evidence that could disprove it.

It’s a dogma. To claim otherwise is taken as proof that you’re a bigot, just as the theory predicts. It thus negates any evidence which shows that biology, culture, progressive government policies, or anything other than white racism explains continuing and seemingly perpetual racial disparities.

  • Second, there’s no conceivable end to the CRT program.

There is no point where the specter of “whiteness” can be fully excised and an “equitable” society realized. It’s an eternal struggle and one that is artificially created. If we are to take Kendi’s disease metaphor, CRT is the intellectual equivalent of taking a healthy person and subjecting him to painful radiation therapy until he dies, all while telling him it’s for his own good.

  • Third, we aren’t allowed to mention what groups are imposing this dogma.

The whole theory rests on the assumption that America is institutionally racist and designed for whites and that blacks can’t be racist because they lack institutional power. Yet it’s hard to imagine a more coddled, subsidized, and corporate-sponsored “public intellectual” than Ibram Kendi and his countless equivalents. This is being pushed by elites with money and media power from the top down.

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