"White Noise" And Greenback Dollars: A Commenter's Very Practical Rebuke To National Review's John J. Miller
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National Review's immigration enthusiast John J. Miller was at one point an employee of Linda Chavez's Center for Equal Opportunity. (It was in that capacity that he reviewed Alien Nation for Reason Magazine.) He is predictably dismissive—"sad and unhelpful"—of white students organizing in their own interests:

White Noise

This is sad and unhelpful, but isn’t it also predictable, given the racialization of our universities (and just about everything else)? Ian Tuttle at the College Fix:

Towson University senior Matthew Heimbach has launched an effort to form a “White Students Union” on his campus, saying he is frustrated by the political correctness that holds his and other colleges hostage. He hopes to combat what he claims is a series of racially motivated black-on-white crimes near Towson, and give a voice to his white peers.

This led to the following comment from one of his readers who is also one of our readers.
 Ed in Cary

Yes, sad that such a thing is needed. But I know how the young man feels, which is why I yesterday gave to VDare the largest contribution that I have ever given to any cause or organization, some of it earmarked for Derb. I wish I could contribute to NR, too, but I'm a little short right now.

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