White Death Spreading to Blacks
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Life expectancy in the United States dropped again in 2016, the first time in over a half century that life expectancy declined two straight years. Death rates were up in people under 65, while down among oldsters.

“Unintentional injuries” were up almost ten percent in 2016 over 2015. That includes car accidents, which have been getting worse. That category doesn’t include homicides, which were up sharply again in 2016, largely due to the promotion of BLM by respectable opinion.

While in recent years, most of the increases in mortality have been found among whites (and American Indians), due to increasing “deaths of despair,” in 2016 death rates among black men were up. Suddenly, drug overdose deaths among blacks are shooting upward. Fentanyl, which killed Prince, is becoming a bad urban black problem. It’s not clear if there is a relation between the rising black-on-black homicides and fentanyl.

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