Whether Vouchers Are Good Or Bad, D.C. Voters Don’t Know What's Best For D.C.
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WashingtonPost.com ran the following headline:
Cruz wants to force D.C. to fund a school voucher program it doesn’t want
You don’t have to read this piece to know what it says: Good D.C. voters fight Bad GOP Cruz.

Problem is, D.C. voters have repeatedly demonstrated they are incapable of self-government. Electing Marion Barry. A scandalous city morgue. Worthless public schools. Deficiency in basic vocabulary. Terrible crime.

Whether vouchers are good or bad, D.C. voters shouldn’t have a say in this or any other matter. The majority of the city’s residents don’t know what’s good for their municipality and thus cannot decide matters intelligently.

Thus, they should not be allowed to vote on anything, much less the public officials who run the city. As for this issue, what they think about education can be safely ignored.


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