Where Has Columnist Bill Press Been All These Years?
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Until just recently, I had not heard of the syndicated columnist Bill Press. (Why, oh, why, could I not have been left alone to wallow in my own ignorant bliss?) I came to know him after stumbling across his column praising the bottom-feeding Bank of America for having the good business sense to get its oily hands into a new market, i.e., giving credit cards to illegal aliens and, among other things, saying Rep. Tom Tancredo is someone "who has yet to see an immigrant he didn’t hate," "Bank of America Rejects English-Only Plastic," Feb. 22. Here's the part of the column that makes me wonder whether Press [Send him mail] has been paying attention to the news in recent years: " . . . the bank is not promoting illegal immigration. It’s not luring these immigrants across the border with the promise of a credit card. They’re already here."

I suppose Press also believes that more illegal immigration isn't encouraged by amnesties like the one now proposed by the loathsome Sen. Edward Kennedy, or those goofball state and local governments that give illegals drivers licenses, instate tuition and accept Mexico's matricula consular as valid ID. Press is the second person I've seen who notes that Bank of America was founded by A. P. Giannini, the son of Italian immigrants, "for the express purpose of serving poor immigrants, mainly Italians at that time, to whom no other banks would make a loan." Why is it that Press, like his fellow apologists for the moral lepers who run much of Corporate America, always fail to mention certain critical facts when they fall all over themselves demonstrating just how much they don't know about the immigration issue? In this case, that the "poor immigrants" Giannini wanted to help had entered this country playing by the rules.

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