When Did the EU Become Europhobic?
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From Breitbart:
EU Chief: Borders Must Stay Open Despite Deadly Terror Attacks

by VIRGINIA HALE 24 Dec 20161,078

The best way to fight terror is with “openness”, European Union (EU) head Jean-Claude Juncker has said, stressing that Europe must continue to receive migrants in the wake of the deadly truck attack in Berlin.

Although he has a great name for the villain in a Die Hard movie, the touchy-feely Jean-Claude Juncker is more comic than sinister, if not tired and emotional.

But what the kissy Luxembourgeois has to say is worth parsing because he represents mainstream European Union ideology, which has, without anybody much noticing, become increasingly anti-European.

Speaking to Funke Mediengruppe on Saturday, the president of the European Commission warned that the “rhetoric of exclusion” strengthens terrorists, and called for more EU involvement in nations’ internal security.
It would seem to me that if the European Union wants to save itself, it would call for more EU involvement in the continent’s external security.
“Terror only takes us if we allow it”, he said of the attack on Monday, in which a Tunisian migrant ploughed a truck into people at a Christmas market killing 12 and injuring many more.

Declaring that “the basic values for which the European Union stands remain unchanged”, Juncker insisted the continent “must continue to offer refuge to people who flee from war zones and from terror.”

The basic value for which the European Union stands used to be Europhilia, but at some point it transmuted into Europhobia.

When you stop to think about it, this change from pro-European to anti-European seems very strange.

But there must be some sort of ideological inevitability to this progression because nobody else seems to have noticed.

He added that it “would be wrong to put all refugees under suspicion”, stating “Hate and terror have no religion, no sex, no country of origin.”

In an apparent swipe at populists in Europe who believe restricting mass migration from the Middle East and Africa would make the continent safer, Juncker said: “Anyone who pounces on the rhetoric of exclusion is helping the extremists’ way of thinking, which strengthens their spiral of hate.”

“This neither creates solutions nor helps the victims and their relatives.”

Standing firm on the idea that liberalism is the best response to repeated attacks on Europeans, the EU chief said: “Our values, our way of living together in freedom, coexistence, and openness are the best weapons against terror.”

Juncker also noted that freedom of movement across the Schengen area is helpful to terrorists, but said the solution to this is a stronger EU, asserting that “national domestic policy alone is no longer sufficient.”

Okay, but if you want to preserve the pleasant amenity of open borders within the Schengen area, then doesn’t that imply closed borders around the Schengen area, rather than, say, the Italian navy towing migrants from just off the Libyan coast to the EU?

It’s weird how the only choices conceivable appear to be nationalism versus globalism, while continentalism isn’t even a word.

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