What They're Not Saying About The Harvard "Ethics In Government" Cheating Scandal
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Since Harvard announced that it had some students cheating in an "Introduction to Congress" class, there's been a lot of snickering, along the lines of "If you cheat in "Introduction To Congress", doesn't that mean you pass?"

American Renaissance notes [Students Disciplined in Harvard Scandal, New York Times, 63 Comments.] that "A black professor and 'a large number of varsity athletes' were involved in cheating scandal." A lot of the varsity athletes were on the Harvard Basketball Team.

Amren.com quotes the NYT as saying  "While Harvard has not identified the course or the professor involved, they were quickly identified by the implicated students as Introduction to Congress and Matthew B. Platt, an assistant professor of government. "

Amren.com provided this picture of Platt:

Matthew Platt

Of course, a number of these students have been disciplined and sent home. We will learn if they were disproportionately black when the NAACP steps into the scandal.

That's how we usually find out these things. In the 1990s, there was a sex scandal at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds, in which senior NCOs were accused of sexually harassing or sexually abusing enlisted women. It wasn't until the NAACP showed up to complain that the public learned that the senior NCOs were all black.


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