What Should We Think About A Trump Candidacy?
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Here at VDARE.COM we can't endorse candidates. We can however, discuss the issues, allowing our readers to come to their own conclusions as to which candidates they will support and vote for.

I concur with Brenda Walker's recent comment about a possible Donald Trump candidacy, that "the public’s appreciation for the hotel magnate probably has more to do with his straight-talk style of expressing his views."

Trump's way of talking is so refreshing in contrast to the typical political talk we're used to from Republican candidates. I like the fact that he is critical of the George Bush presidency as well as that of Obama.Any serious Republican candidate had better not be trying to bring back the Bush Dynasty.Trump has pointed out the fact that it was Bush who paved the way for the Obama presidency.

What are Trump's views on immigration and the National Question? On an interview with Larry King last year, Trump supported and sympathized with SB 1070.However he also seemed to buy into the "illegals do jobs Americans won't do" argument.

I suggest that Donald Trump is educable on the National Question.People should be contacting Donald Trump, educating him on several key immigration-related issues. Explain to Trump that making Americans compete with illegal aliens is unfair. Explain to him about birthright citizenship.Educate him about immigration history and the need for a legal immigration moratorium.

Trump appears to me to be a man who does care about American interests. I think if enough people educated him on these issues, he might come out swinging on our side. It's worth a try.

Without a strong presidential candidate in 2012, Obama looks like a winner. The GOP needs a courageous candidate who's not afraid to confront Obama and address the issues.And please, nobody from the Bush/McCain wing of the party.They've done enough damage.

I have a suggestion for Trump in case he does run.His campaign slogan could be,

"Obama, You're Fired!"

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